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Can Anyone wear lace closures?

Both men and women can benefit from wearing lace closures. Some people wear lace closure andfrontals out of a necessity due to medical conditions that bring about hair loss such as alopecia orchemotherapy treatments. Others may wear them as a protective style to help nurture the growth of their natural hair, while some may choose lace wigs as their preferred styling option, as it offers avariety which is very appealing. Whatever the reason, lace wigs has become increasingly popular,as people are realizing how versatile, and natural looking they can be. Lace wigs are an excellentchoice for women & men of all ethnicities, but with our Ultimate products it is no longer a luxuryonly enjoyed by celebrities and entertainers. We have made lace wigs more attainable & affordablewhile maintaining the integrity and high standards we've become know for. For years people havewondered how movie stars, and celebrities alike are able to change their hairstyles from short to long,and back while looking natural and seemingly flawless. You've guessed it. The secret kept by themovie and entertainment industry for years, is the same superior product being offered to you byUltimate Hair! Lace wigs can be worn by anyone! Even you! These products are not just for the celebrities anymore. Anyone who is interested in natural looking hair options will benefit from ourwide selection of beautiful, hand crafted line of wigs and other remy hair products. We bring youonly the best because your worth it!

What kind of hair material is used?

Our lace closures are made of 100% Virgin human cuticle hair. such as indian hair,Brazlian hair,malaysian hair,chinese hair etc.We offer you a variety of fine remy hair selected from various partsof the world based on texture and quality. The Hair is used from one donor (in some cases, it is necessary to use hair from two donors) and its cuticles are kept in tact and aligned in the same direction to ensure manageability. This is important because if the cuticles are misaligned, it is prone to excessive matting and tangling which leaves you with hair that becomes unmanageable.

What is Baby hair of lace closures?

IT is the fine hairs around the perimeter of the lace closure. It gives a more natural looking, as mostpeople have shorter hair naturally at their hair line, and nape. It can be selected as an option whenordering your Queen hair custom unit. Generally all of our stock units come with baby hair, which may also be used to cover beginner flaws during application.

What are Bleached Knots lace top closures and lace frontals?

Bleached knots is the process of lightening the knots created when ventilating the unit. It is recommended to further provide the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp. Typically all of ourstock units come with bleached knots, either at the perimeter or throughout. we bleached knots and sealed

knots for all lace closure hairpieces sent out,so you needn't bleach or seal knots yourself.

How long will a lace closure or frontal hairpiece last?

With proper care and maintenance, your lace closure will last anywhere from (6) six monthsto one or two years. Their are some of our buyers said our lace closure last two years.

How can I select color?

You should closely match The lace color with the color of your scalp complexion, not necessarilyyour skin tone. Doing so allows your part to appear natural. If in doubt you can choose a color ashade lighter than your complexion or transparent. The lace can be easily dyed or darkened usuallywith a fabric dye solution to accommodate your preference. What is hair density?Hair density is the thickness or fullness of hair. 120% is the most common density. our wigs are a combination of light to medium density to ensure a very natural realistic head of hair. When ordering your custom or medical wig you may choose your desired density. Please see our density chart.

What products will I need when I purchase lace closure or silk base closrue hairpieces?

Please see our products as we carry everything you need to manage and care for your investment.There are a few items in addition to the adhesives, such as knot sealer, the loop brush, and the satinbonnet that are essential to your maintenance. We've worked hard to bring you only the best products for your wig / remy hair care needs.

Which adhesives or Tapes do I purchase?

That's a great question! It all depends on your individual body chemistry which adhesives will work best for you and provide the longest hold. Most people typically start out with the Ultra Hold, as I gives a very aggressive hold in combination with the Super Tape. If you find that you are not gettingthe kind of hold you desire then you should try one of the other adhesives based on it's descriptionand hold time. Wearing lace wigs takes patience, and practice. So be patient with yourself and yourunit. Please Note: As with any new adhesive you buy, a skin test should be conducted at least 24 hrsprior to your application, to ensure you have no allergic reaction to that particular product.

Will the adhesives damage my hairline?

The adhesives will not cause damage to your hairline when properly applied and removed usingthe necessary solvents and removers. Damage may occur when removing the unit by pulling theunit without first releasing the hold. Great care should be taken with both application and removal.

I work out regularly and sweat very heavily, how will a lace closure work for me?

Of course, however your must find the best adhesive for your specific body chemistry. Using acombination of adhesive and tape is very helpful. Also some find that if they apply a light layerof anti-perspirant around their hairline before they apply their adhesives, this may help createa longer hold by minimizing the amount of sweat and oil buildup. Also, you may want to weara sweat band or scarf around your perimeter during your workout, for added protection and security.

What can I do with my hair if it is lengthy?

This is not a problem. Before your apply your lace closure, you can either braid, wrap, or cornrowyour own hair using techniques similar to your prep for getting a sew-in weave. You may also weara wig cap as well. The goal is to get your hair to lay as flat as possible, to prep your hair for the application. Those with thick hair may want to consider getting a unit with stretch in the middle,as it not only allows for comfort, but growth as well.

What does ventilation mean?

Ventilating the closure is the process by which hair is hand tied onto the lace fabric, creating what isreferred to as knots.  How long does it take for delivery?

In stock items generally ship within 24-48 hours upon confirmation receipt. Custom units whichare a labor of love take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery. Ultimate Hair is expertly hand crafted. Creating beauty of this caliber takes time. We make sure every unit meets our highstandards of quality & craftsmanship. You have our Queen hair products guarantee!

Can you duplicate a certain style from a magazine?

Yes, just send us the picture of the style you are interested in and we will have it made to yourspecifications. You may also use our custom curl chart for assistance with deciding on a curl pattern or texture. we can duplicate wigs or lace closures as good as eclacewigs.I have experienced medical hair loss, and would like my wig to look as natural as possible.

If I send a sample of my hair can the color & texture be duplicated?

Sure, we can have our experts duplicate your hair so that it closely matches your naturalhair. Please contact one of our Queen hair specialists to arrange for your custom order/duplication,and please mention your medical condition, as you may qualify for our medical discount.Please see Contact Us.

Can I color or dye my  lace closure?

Yes you can, however we recommend you take your unit to a professional wig salon, since chemicalprocessing is involved. If you plan on doing multiple chemical services, it is recommendedthat you order a virgin unit with natural color. Or ask one of our Queen hair professionals aboutgetting a custom unit, colored as per your request. hair color that is not natural were dyed by our workers permanently,as you know once hair was dyed of your own hair,you must remove the color if you want to dye to another color,but our color were dyed permanently and can't be removed,so please choose natural dark brown color if you want to dye hair yourself.

What is the cuticle of the hair & why is it important that the hair is aligned and the cuticle in tact?

The cuticle is the hair's protective shield. By keeping the cuticle in tact, the hair will be more durable and reflect a natural shine. Keeping the hair aligned roots and ends in the same direction will help prevent matting and tangling issues.

What do I do if I get adhesive in my hair?

This is where your 99% alcohol & solvents will come in handy. If you have adhesive in your unit after you apply, simply spray or dap some alcohol to the area and gently comb out with your fine tooth comb. If you have adhesive left in your hair after you have removed your unit, you can use your adhesive remover. Spray or dap the area with the solvent. Allow to sit for a few minutes while gently massaging it into to glue residue. With your fine tooth comb very gently comb out the adhesive from the bottom of your hair working your way up. See our Queen hair product gallery for solvents and removers.